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3 Reasons to Invest in Electric Fireplaces If you might have been stuck somewhere thinking whether to invest in a fireplace or not, there are solid grounds to include it in your home. An electric fireplace is quite essential to beat the cold of winters, and thus remains an important investment. There are many benefits of electric fireplaces; here are the top 3 ones. First, the cost implications are reasonable. The installation and maintenance cost of conventional fireplaces is extremely high. To install and maintain a wood-burning chimney is very expensive because the total cost may go up to $10,000. The materials, installation, and finishing of gas fireplaces will cost you not less than $5,000, excluding the annual maintenance costs. Once installed, electric units are cost friendly, especially due to zone heating feature that allows you to heat the rooms of interest. There are very few future expenses since the unit doesn’t require frequent servicing and check-ups after the installation process is done appropriately. Second, electric fireplaces will help you save more on energy. They are energy efficient method to heat up a space without consuming a lot of energy. The electric fireplaces will also warm up your space faster than gas and wood-burning fireplaces. The wood-burning fireplaces are less efficient because more heated air is lost to the outside through the chimney. Therefore, more cold air will enter the room through the chimney, making the space to become cold so soon. The electric fireplaces warm your room quickly and the warmth will stay for a longer period. Most modern electric fireplaces incorporate LED technology so that they can consume less power than the conventional incandescent bulbs. The LED bulbs usually have a lifespan of more than 45,000 hours, and thus can be used for a longer time before replacement. Since they don’t use mercury, there are less chances of generating greenhouse gases. Also, they don’t overheat like the incandescent bulbs.
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Third, electric fireplaces do not produce smoke. Wood-burning and gas fireplaces usually emit a lot of carbon, which can be harmful when inhaled. The gases are harmful to both pets and kids, and even to adults. Electric fireplaces are the perfect because they don’t produce harmful gases. This indicates that the house occupants including pets will be safe throughout. People with chronic disorders such as asthma can be affected by gases emitted by wood-burning fireplaces. If you want comfort and convenience, electric fireplaces are the ideal choice.
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Lastly, the electric fireplaces are easier to sustain. You doesn’t need to worry about cleaning up ash or soot. Since no chimney cleaning required, you will save on maintenance costs. They are also environmentally friendly because no more use of wood. So, they help reduce air contamination and forest destruction.