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Wilderness Therapy As A Way To Self-Realization Wilderness therapy may not be one of the most common methods that have been applied in the past times but it provides a new way of offering advice to teens. The method has been found to be favorable for teenagers though it can also be used to help adults who are in the 18-28 age bracket. The main purpose of the therapy is behavior modification in teens and youths who are in dire need for behavioral change. It is a subset of adventure based therapy which means that the therapy is done outdoors. However the method should not be mistaken as a solution to all problems that face teenagers. The the method works selectively to helps those teens who are interested in self-realization and themselves are interested in doing so. The first steps involves placing the learners into groups which is done by experts in the field. It is important to form groups using few members in order for the groups to have order. Leaders are assigned to each group, and their roles in guiding in the teens are spelt out. The teens are taken through the process of first accepting themselves and open up on matters that they hold in their minds. The teens may have faced a wide range of challenges in life which will range from addiction to drugs, Computer games which may have pushed them away from the society. Any therapy is tasked with creating awareness among victims, and wilderness therapy is not different. Any therapist needs to have enough knowledge on the daily activities carried out by the teens and the challenges facing them. The process can only be achieved in an environment where there are no distractions such as friends, family members, schools, computers or the normal life. Basic necessities is all that one needs such as water and sleeping bags during the period of therapy.
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The wilderness therapy helps those undertaking it to learn that not everything in this world falls under our control though there are things that we can have control. To illustrate this, specific examples are given using physical features and things. They, therefore, realize that they can control some of the aspects of their lives whereas others are out of their control.
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Wilderness experience is made up of challenges which when one can solve. Others will be out of their control, but they have time to figure out. It is an important way of self-discovery. From this they can form groups in which they can view their common problems and find ways of solving them themselves. It is valuable for them also to learn how to confront problems on their own. Parents are also required to support the teens during this period.