Checks to make before painting your tile roof

Few people consider painting their roofs but it is actually a very practical method to revamp appearance of your home’s exterior. However, for the project to add significant value to your home, you need to be fully prepared and find a good paint manufacturer.

Where to begin

Before you start painting you will need to give your roof a good clean. It is ideal to use a high-pressure washer for this. If there is any debris like moss or dust particles on the surface, the paint will either peel off soon after you have painted the roof or the paint will contain lumps resulting in an uneven and rough finish. It is important to check that you remove all algae if necessary with a biocide. After washing, allow sufficient time for your roof to dry.

Check for other maintenance needs

Be sure to replace any cracked and broken roof tiles. If you need to replace some tiles, now is the time to do so. This will ensure an even finish after you are done painting and an overall better appearance. Now, measure your roof you buy enough paint.

How to choose paint

Firstly, choose paint that is UV, alkali and acid rain resistant. Ask your manufacturer if the paint has been tested in harsh weather conditions and for how long, and enquire what weather barrier technology is in the paint. Take your time when choosing a colour, you can typically request samples if you are unsure.

Painting your roof

The quickest way to paint your roof is with an airless spray gun but you could also use a brush. Speak to your roof paint manufacturer to establish if you should use a primer for the specific paint you have chosen. Different methods also apply if your roof has been painted before. A good manufacturer will be able to provide you with a guide on what the best method is for the condition of your roof.

Painting tips

  • Repaint you roof every five years; this will ensure your roof always appears in good condition
    •             Paint generously; this will ensure that you fill all the cracks and hard to reach or awkwardly shaped corners
    •             Remove all devices and equipment; before you paint, remove items such as solar panels and swimming pool heaters
    •             If you are using an airless spray gun choose a day that is not windy; this will save you a lot of paint and time