Fengshui House Young Couple

In fengsui study, there is a significant difference between young couples of age with established partners. Young couples are usually newlyweds or couples with toddlers; While established families have children who are already teenagers. If you want to buy house i recommended you to see Perumnas best home mortgage

So, what to do with fengsui? Of course there is. Fengsui aims to create harmony and harmony of life with nature (balance and harmony). For young couples, the home is needed for the purpose of: first, fostering and enhancing the relationship of husband-wife harmony. Second, build a career and business / business to be able to support harmony with their partner. How can the fengsui be obtained? To answer this question, first you need to understand there are four kinds of good / positive fengsui energy (Chi) and four kinds of bad / negative (Feng Shui) energy. Based on Ba Zhai Theory (eight buildings), positive energy consists of:

  • Sheng Chi (encourage prosperity)
  • Tian Yi (maintaining health, long life, and continuity)
  • Yan Nian (creating family harmony, giving offspring)
  • Fu Wei (attaining clarity of heart, mind, and progress).

The main interest of young couples is to maintain and improve the harmony of husband and wife relationship (Yan Nian). Second interest, that is becoming more prosperous (Sheng Chi).

If a young couple does not have a house, then in terms of design house with fengsui, this can be achieved by placing the position of Yan Nian as the main entrance; While the main bedroom at the Sheng Chi position.

Then, how do I know the positive Chi energy called Yan Nian and Sheng Chi? Here is the formula:

Example (1): Head of Family was born in 1981

Formula: 10 – X = 10 – (8 + 1) = 10 – 9 = 1 (Kua: Kan)

Example (2): Head of Family was born in 1989

Formula: 10 – X = 10 – (8 + 9) = 10 – (17 = 1 + 7 = 8) = 2 (Kua: Kun)

Name Kua is marked with Figures 1 through 9, according to the table as follows:


If you are designing a house with Feng Shui with the example above, then:

Owner Kua 1 (house facing South, while the main bedroom position in the Southeast). Owner Kua 2 (house facing Northwest, position of main bedroom in Northeast). And so on.

The picture below is an example of a house for a young couple with the head of the family owning Kua 1 (Kan).