Looking Out for Leaks: Rooftop Issues Defined

Your roof protects every interior element, from the walls to the flooring. Keeping up with its maintenance is crucial to the home’s structural integrity. You may not be aware of what to look out for, however. Take a look at these well-defined problems that can be remedied with a call to a roofing professional. Dry conditions will prevail in the home as a result.

Curled Shingles

From a safe position on the ground, look up at your rooftop. Every shingle should be flat and overlapped with its surrounding materials. If you notice any curled edges, the shingles are definitely damaged.

Curled shingles occur from high winds and age. Moisture can easily seep under the curled edges, which leads to leaks into the home. Take a tip from roofing contractors Beaverton Oregon, and replace those damaged shingles.

Mysterious Stains

You walk into the upstairs bedrooms or attic, and there’s a yellow stain on the wall. These mysterious stains may seem to creep into the room, but they’re easily solved. The color points to a water leak. A leaky roof allows water into the structure, but then it flows through any area that’s easy to reach. The stains are usually confined to the walls and ceilings.

In some cases, you can follow the stain to the leak’s origination point. Be aware that there may be more than one spot that’s the culprit.

Bowed Rooftop

If you notice that the roof seems to have a bowed appearance, it’s time to contact a roofing professional. The shingles are intact, but the wood sheathing beneath it is declining. It must be replaced as soon as possible. The next rain might put enough weight on that low-lying area to completely break it. A major repair will be necessary at that point.

Ideally, don’t venture onto the rooftop as a homeowner. The surface can be slippery. Allow the professionals to perform this service. Homeowners who want a solid profit out of their property one day will put maintenance first. A new roof breathes life into the exterior’s appearance.