Tackling Your Home’s Trouble Zones

As much as we love our homes, we all know that every house has its own unique trouble spots.  They may cause daily headaches and frustration, but they’re easy to overlook. Instead of complaining why not put together a plan to change what’s not working in your home? When you’re thinking about making changes keep function in the forefront of your mind.

How can you put every square foot of your home to work? What do you use each room for and what if added would make your life easier or more beautiful? What could you do to your home that would make you never want to move? Here are some ideas for areas that are typically trouble spots in most homes.


Traditionally the entryway becomes a bit of a dumping ground. Shoes, coats, and bookbags are shed as the family enters the home and if there’s no system in place to organize these items this area becomes cluttered. The solution to this problem depends on the size of your family and the space you have to work with. For some a small shoe rack and some hooks drilled into the wall will take care of it. For others, the addition of a mudroom or a hallway closet provide ample space to store clothes and shoes.

Laundry Nook/Room

One place that gets messy in a hurry is the laundry room or nook. If you have a small space like nook think about investing in a front loading washer and dryer. You can install a countertop right above the machines where you can fold clothes or store products. Maximize the space above your machines to add additional storage.

If you’re lucky enough to have an actual laundry room make sure it has enough storage in the form of shelves and cabinets. Think about adding a sink so you can pre rinse soiled clothing. A giant laundry bin may also be a welcome addition, it will become the go to place for all of the dirty clothes that get shed all over the house.


When it comes to your bedroom it’s important to think through what you want to do there. Is it just for sleeping? What will you store in your bedroom? Do you read in here? Do you craft in here? Is this where your home office is located? If you can, do your best to streamline your bedroom and make it a place reserved for rest.

Take a trash bag and get rid of any unwanted clutter. Donate used clothing and shoes. Do you still need more storage space? Is there room to add a bigger closet? Does your closet include enough shelving and storage to eliminate the need for a chest of drawers? Would refreshing your bed linens and coverings make your bed look and feel more peaceful? Play around with the layout of your bedroom. Maximize space and inject beauty into all your furnishings and wall hangings.

We should all strive to help our homes become places of rest and organization. Make your home a place you want to be. If you decide to to tackle a major renovation in your space be sure to visit our friends at Get Assist to find a qualified local professional who can get your project done.