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Furniture Uses and Functions Many structural parts make up a chair which sometimes include fabric and fibers to enhance the whole creation and design. The features that perform critical functions on these types of furniture are the following: high performance fabrics, colors, texture, and fiber used in its cushioning. Another is the comfort is gives to the one who sits on it. This pertains to its functional requirements or its intended use. The sitting position of the person who will use the chair is determine by the intended purpose of the chair. A good example is a task chair where an occupant can only recline slightly forward so that he does not hit an object in front or not leaning back far enough so that performing the task would not be so difficult. In addition to function, arm chairs found in a dinning set are usual situated only on both table heads, and are not usually found on those row of chairs located on table sides. This intent is to give the head of table an arms sway and room to these side occupants an easy getaway or an easy skid out. Now, to the question of the chairs high appeal of luxury, its sophistication and high price, it hangs on the kind of fabric that it uses -leather being the most expensive. This is the reason why there are many advertisements on leather couches and chairs, and these furniture are very expensive indeed. Not all leather couches are equal, and there are some that are lower priced than the rest. In fact some are not really leather at all.
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There is a restriction on the use of leather to a particular skin hide and size and so this is not like any other fabric used for furniture. There are also now different ways to achieving a finished product that determines its particular usage. There are actually three basic types of genuine leather. The full grain, meaning the full hide of the animal has been used with minimal interference (it is the most durable kinds and the rarest). When full grain leather is sliced, it is called top grains. It being the one found on uppermost layer after being buffed and polished. Split grains, however is the leather taken from the bottom of the hide. This is the cheapest type and is fairly fragile.
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When you see the words ‘cow hide leather,’ genuine leather,’ ‘one hundred percent leather then these products are not quite leather at all. But the truth to the matter is that these type are material that has been bounded with a very thin coating of leather to make it appear genuine, but not quite the same as synthetic leather.