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What to Consider When Choosing Interior Shutters Installing window treatments is one of the options you have when you want to improve the look of your home. To instantly transform how your home looks, consider installing interior shutters. However, shutters will do more than simply make your home look beautiful. For example, you can use the shutters to control the amount of light entering your home. There are different reasons why you may want to install interior shutters. For instance, the uncovered windows in your home may make you uncomfortable. The glare from the outside that make watching TV almost impossible during the day may be another thing you want to avoid. To solve these two problems, you can install interior shutters. You will come across different types of shutters in the market. Determining the right one for your home is not always easy. Read on for a guide on what to look for when deciding which interior shutters to buy for your home.
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Check the Shutter Styles There are three main types of shutters you can choose. The three shutters are plantation, cottage and west coast shutters. Plantation shutters are the most popular of the shutters. You can identify these shutters from their louvers that can be opened or closed.
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In some parts of the country, especially the east coast, cottage-shutters are more popular. Just like is the case with plantation shutters, cottage shutters are installed on window frames but have small louvers. Cottage shutters look similar to plantation shutters. However, the only exception is that cottage shutters cannot be opened or closed. The other shutters; west coast shutters, are popular in California. These shutters have larger louvers and panels than the traditional plantation shutters. Consider the Materials Used to Make the Shutters It is also important to check what materials have been used to make the shutters you want to buy. At some shutter installation companies, you will only find composite and real wood shutters. The material used to make composite shutters is mainly medium-density fiberboard. Most homeowners go for composite shutters because they are durable. For homeowners who love classical looks, they usually go for shutters made of real wood. Most wooden shutters are mainly made with a basswood. Apart from real wood and composite shutters, you can purchase aluminum and vinyl shutters. Vinyl shutters are the best option if you would like to transform areas that are usually in contact with moisture most of the time, such as the bathroom. Unlike is the case with wooden shutters, vinyl shutters do not warp. If there are large areas in your home that need to be covered, the best shutters to use are aluminum ones. The shutters are light and perfect for different areas where shutters made from other materials may be too heavy.