Tips for Staying Cool During Summer Time Home Improvement

Doing work on your home during the summer months can be unavoidable. With the sun setting later, and work days occasionally being shorter, it’s hard not to take advantage of this time by checking some things off your home improvement list. Even further, if you live in a place with cold, wet winters, summer may be the only time you are able to accomplish these projects. The downside to this is the extreme heat we often face during peak hours of the day. If you have ever worked outside on a hot day you know that keeping cool can seem impossible. We might not be able to change the temperature, but we know a few tricks to be more comfortable when working on your home in summer temperatures.

Work Early and Late

In countries where the summer heat is truly unbearable, it is common to take a mid-day siesta. These short naps or breaks allow people to be inside during the hottest hours of the day before returning to work after the sun cools off a bit. There is a lesson to be learned here, in the fact that working early in the morning, and then again later in the evening prevents you from overheating during the time of day when the sun is strongest.

Dress Wisely

Have you ever wondered why in warmer countries there are still people who dress in long sleeves or pants? This can sometimes be for sun protection but it also depends what color and material the fabric is. Often times a lighter color can repel the sun a bit more while protecting your skin. For the best protection and comfort, wear materials like those used by Under Armour to stay dry and wick away sweat. Additionally, think about wearing a hat to protect your face. At the very least, make wearing sunscreen a priority for any of your exposed parts.

Stay Hydrated

We all know how easy it can be to become dehydrated, the risk is even higher if you are working outside in the heat for extended periods of time. Making sure you always have water is important. The best method is to freeze a gallon jug the night before so that you can keep it with you while you work, and drink cold water as it slowly melts. Lemon water can also provide necessary electrolytes to help your body better absorb the water and replenish what can be lost through sweating. If you have trouble drinking that much water you can also eat fruits rich in water to give your body what it needs.

Find Shade

If you are working outside it can be impossible to avoid being in the sun. However, when possible to have an umbrella or tarp set up, that would be ideal. If you are unable to work in the shade, at least find a shady spot to leave your tools and periodically step out of the sun. If you have the flexibility in your schedule, you can also plan your work around the weather. A cloudy but dry day can be perfect for home improvements!