Tips to Planning Your Office Space

When it comes to employee productivity, one of the more important components that should be considered is proper office space planning. With all the hours spent in the office, anything that can be done to boost productivity while infusing a sense of design should be considered. To help employees optimize their time spent behind the desk, give them a well-planned office space designed by commercial interior design firms that incorporates the following top three priorities in office design.




When designing an office space, creating an area that encourages productivity is an absolute must. Luckily, designing an office space with this in mind is simple.

For starters, make sure to introduce nature to the indoors through the use of plants, flowers, and other greenery, as well as neutral-colored office furniture. Identify any sources of distractions, such as noise from nearby freeways or appliances like microwaves. Keeping employees as far away from such distractions as possible can help boost productivity.

If you are relocating to a new location, make sure to choose an office space that has plenty of large windows that allows lots of natural light to flow through the area. Finally, give employees as much privacy as you can without completely isolating them from one another. This can be done with the smart use of furniture that shelters employees while still allowing plenty of natural light to shine through their work spaces.




Oftentimes employees need to work closely together to collaborate on a specific project. To maximize efficiency, seat these employees together, and consider positioning office supplies and technology conveniently near employees who use them the most, which therefore cuts back on travel time. The layout of the office should ideally support work activity.

Give your employees a great view when they’re working by decorating the walls with attractive artwork. Research shows that having a good view makes employees perform better on the job and focus more on the task at hand.

Also, provide employees with a space where they are able to get away from their work area. Furnish this area with comfortable seating and encourage employees to utilize this space for brainstorming sessions. It can even be used as an area to stretch their legs or simply for a change of scenery.

Office design is a very important element in a workspace that is often overlooked. While interior design can certainly enhance the esthetics of a space and bring out its best in a visual manner, it goes well beyond that. A well-designed office is also important for boosting mood levels of all who work within the space and can even boost productivity, thus improving your bottom line.