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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Launches New TV Channel

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is someone who has given much of his life to the people around him with the goal of helping those people see God and find faith. He is a man who has focused on helping others through the work that he does with his mission, Christ Embassy. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has dedicated his life to his faith, and he has served as a pastor for many years. He believes in the healing power of God, and he wants to share his beliefs with the world. He has touched many lives, and he continues to find new ways to show others the God he believes in, the God he loves.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has worked through Christ Embassy for a long time, and he has also stretched himself to complete other work. He has spent time sharing his faith on television and reaching people through that channel. He has spent time working with the people in his area and he has also spent time reaching people all around the world with the work that he does. He is an author who has touched his readers through the written word. He believes that he is meant to spend his life sharing his faith, and that is what he is doing.

Recently, Chris Oyakhilome took on a new venture, and this venture is something that was put together in order to reach those living in the United States. The new venture that he has taken on has an audience that is a bit different from his usual audience. He is someone who is always looking for ways in which he can touch the world, and he has created a channel in the United States that will air on TV and touch lives in that way. Loveworld USA is something that was created to shine a light in the United States.

Loveworld USA was put together with the hope of sharing God’s healing power on television in the United States. This is a religious TV channel that will share the greatness of God. This channel is something that will be available to many and something that will be there for people when they are in the midst of a tough situation. The new television channel that was created is something that will feature preaching that points to the power of God. Chris Oyakhilome is making a difference in a new way, once again, through the channel that he has created.